Coriant: A New And Thriving Telecommunications Company

Coriant has become a well known name in the telecommunications industry. They are the producers of some very high tech items. Among the technologies that they work on are Broadband access, intelligent networks, and optical planning. These technologies are used by many corporations across America and throughout the world. In addition, some of their technologies are used by everyday people in many countries, including the United States. Coraint also has a very skilled and competent CEO by the name of Shaygan Kheradpir.

Coriant is a fairly new company, and it is also a very successful company. The company is also a fairly sizable one, with around three thousand employees. Coriant originally was a part of a different company, called Nokia Siemens Networks. However, Coriant separated from Nokia Siemens Networks in 2013. This was when they became their own company. They are currently based in two different countries. They have one of their headquarters in Munich, and they also have another headquarters in Naperville, Illinois. The parent company of Coriant is Marlin Equity Partners.

Shaygan Kheradpir is very highly educated from Cornell University. He holds a doctoral degree in electrical engineering. This means that in addition to being responsible for the business side of Coriant, he also has a strong understanding of their technologies. He also is extremely experienced working as an executive for high tech corporations. He has been in executive positions with well known corporations, such as Verizon and Barclays. While he was the executive of these companies, he did a great to help them become more successful. At Verizon, he helped to streamline the company’s budget. In addition to streamlining the budget, he helped the company to create more advanced technology. He was also an executive at GTE, and he was thought of very highly in that position. Coriant is now benefiting from the exceptional management skills of Shaygan Kheradpir.

Coriant is a company that exists on an international scale. Although the company is fairly new, they are very widely known in the communications industry. In fact, they provide goods and services to numerous people all around the world. In addition to that, Coriant is likely to become even more successful in coming years. Shaygan Kheradpir has done an excellent job managing the company, and he will continue to do so. He has a great deal of experience successfully managing this type of corporation, and he is highly educated.

A New Video Visitation Mobile App Released By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been leading the civil and criminal justice industry for some time now with its cutting edge technologies. Now and then we have seen Securus Technologies come up with innovations that coincide with he daily advances in technology. Their patented inventions and innovations in security technology have made it easier to maintain public safety, conduct investigation on likely criminal activities and prevent them from happening. It has also made monitoring of inmate communication at correctional facilities much easier.

Securus is back again with a new invention. They have come up with a mobile application for video visitation that is supported by Android and Apple operating system. This means that if you have any mobile device that runs on either of the two operating systems, then you can easily initiate a video call to your incarcerated friend or family. This video visitation mobile app as a big step by the company towards achieving its “Serve and Connect” objective. This application allows family and friends to easily connected with their family and friends wherever they are. Traditionally video visitation was over the computer or laptop, thus, for one to use this service they hard to be at home, office or have the necessary requirements to enable their laptop access internet services. This was a big turn of to most people who were discouraged by the whole process or those who could not access a computer or laptop with internet connectivity easily.

Securus Technologies have now put the power in your hands. By making the video visitation mobile application available on the two highly used operating systems in the United States now nearly every body can access the application. Another advantageous thing about the video visitation being enabled on the mobile platform is the convenience it gives you. First this app on your mobile phone is easy to use and on top of this internet connectivity on your mobile phone. This mobile also gives every family member and friend the liberty to communicate with the detained friend or family. The family can share their best moments like birthdays and weddings easily even though one of their member is not around. One can share live feeds and make sure the best of the moments are shared.

Securus Technologies seems to be in the fast lane for new innovations. Not long ago they released their THREAD 3.1 operating system for their big needs customers. This software is operationally smooth and perfectly effective in its tasks. Securus has also installed modern inmate phone calls systems in correctional facilities to replace the older phones. So what is the next big thing for Securus Technologies? They have added new staff members to address this very issue and the tech world is excited for the outcome.

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Susan McGalla Changing The Way Fans Interact

The Pittsburg Steelers are showing their appreciation to their fans by listening to their needs and addressing the. Fans have been giving their input to the franchise and they are now seeing the results of that input. Under the new leadership of Susan McGalla, a whole new line of fan apparel is being offered, and it is far more than the standard black and gold fans are used to. Pink is now the newest addition to fan wear, and it is being received in a grand way. Onesies, t-shirts, and even jackets and hoodies are making their way into fans closets. Fan can now personalize their enthusiasm and spirit for the team with all new looks that will look great on game day or any day. The fresh new ideas that McGalla brings to the table are well learned from a long, successful career in retail and marketing. Having run the helm of American Eagle Outfitters and being in a high position at HFF, McGalla has learned the marketing lessons well and is applying them with great success at the Steelers Franchise. The experience she brings to the franchise has also led to a whole new interactive experience for the fans. She has brought innovative ways for fans to connect with players, coaches, and even those in positions of power within the franchise. Fans can find what the team wore at the last game and connect with a number of devices. Fans can also connect through a number of different devices. McGalla has set up the website so that it can be accessed through phones, laptops, tablets and computers. No matter where the individual is, or what they are looking for, any device will do the trick. Many fans have requested ways to gt the looks the players and team are wearing on game day. This is not a problem either. The site has a section titled wear what we wear. Clicking on this section of the site will bring the fan to the apparel and active wear that the team adorns on game day. McGalla has brought many changes that are increasing the franchise presence throughout the fan universe.

Coriant is ahead of the curve with new CEO

When it comes to computerized network equipment, the newest product specialist has come out of nowhere through a company called Coriant, which became fully independent in 2013. The independent company that specializes in a wide range of data connectivity devices has broken many technology barriers in the performance of its equipment. The company has more than 500 customers in 100 countries, to tackle the geometric increase in bandwidth demand for various applications.

Headed by CEO Shaygan Kheradpir, Coriant has become a globally recognized technology expert, producing equipment for some of the world’s largest data service providers. Coriant, which was formally part of Nokia Siemens Networks under Marlin Equity Partners before coming its own independent optical-networking vendor, was led by Pat DiPietro from its inauguration in 2013 until they appointed Kheradpir early in 2015. Kheradpir long line of experience and success was enough for the company to trust his ability to lead the way in connecting the world through our cloud, video, and mobility devices with state of the art networking speed and performance.

Kheradpir comes from an extensive background in data prodivers, including global leaders such as GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks. With the exception of Verizon, Kheradpir served in Chief Officer roles at some capacity during his tenure for each of the companies. Born in Iran, Kheradpir came to the United States to complete his secondary education receiving a bachelors, masters, and doctorate degree from Cornell University in electrical engineering.

It appears the company will be safe with Kheradpir leading the way. Coriant already specializes in top tier products in providing for Packet Optical Transport, Software Defined Networking, Intelligent Network Management, Edge Routing, and MSPP and Cross-Connect Solutions. Kheradpir’s accomplishments along with the company’s reputation has focused not only on providing state of the art, but also reducing overall networking operation costs for its customers, and has been able to do so with low start up costs as well. This perfect combination of company reputation and CEO experience will sit well with the technology industry for many years to come.

The Growing Trend and Business of Premium Pet Food

To Richard Thompson, chief executive officer of the Freshpet Inc. gourmet dog food company, freshness and quality are the most important aspects of his business. He insists on fresh ingredients without preservatives and restricts the shelf time to insure maximum taste. The chief of manufacturing, Michael Hieger, personally eats a slice of the Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe to show just how delicious and fresh it is, even for humans. Freshpet is the only refrigerated pet food available made in a factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Both Thompson and Hieger know that this is the new movement in pet food. People want to feed their beloved pets a more healthful food, closer to what their owners eat. Freshpet is not the only company in the market following the trend. Other companies jumping on the new pet food bandwagon are Colgate-Palmolive with a line of food to help dogs lose weight, and Purina by Nestle whose website allows people can create their own special mix of chow. PurinaStore has also developed a special food for senior dogs, Beneful Bright Minds, made with a special fat from coconut oil which may be easier for senior dogs to properly metabolize. Pet owners not only want fresher and less processed food, they also want whole grains, vegetables and fruit included. Beneful line contains cranberries and blueberries, frozen at a specific time to preserve important nutrients, much like frozen human food. Instead of meat byproducts, consumers want pure lamb, chicken and beef for their four-legged friends. Apparently,the pets may prefer closer-to-human foods also. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights offers beef stroganoff and lasagna made specifically for dogs. The Smucker Company’s Milo’s Kitchen, along with Big Heart Pet Brands acquired this year, now offers grilled beef burgers and duck jerky for pups. The pet food industry is currently a $23.7 billion business. Since 2009, the market for these premium dog foods has increased by 45% to $10.5 billion in the United States alone. The Blue Buffalo Company, that also produces premium pet foods, is expected to exceed $1 billion in sales this year.

Ross Abelow Understands The Importance Of A Great Defense

The legal system can be particularly intimidating especially to people who are facing prosecution. Residents of New York are like many others in that they require effective representation in order to achieve a positive outcome. The wrong lawyer can be just as bad as no lawyer at all which is why due diligence should be exercised when hiring an attorney. Some legal matters can turn into incarceration if the accused is using an inexperienced attorney to argue their case for them. There are other consequences to an inexperienced lawyer which could involve financial loss and even a negative mark against your name.

A good attorney is more than just a person or a group of people attempting to protect your rights. Your attorney should be able to advise you as to the appropriate response you need for every legal situation. Many cases are fought and won outside the courtroom but that does not mean that your attorney should be afraid of facing a judge. There are times when the best course of action will be to accept a settlement. Then there is the divorce attorney who will have to fight to ensure that their client is not left mangled and mistreated.

One such attorney is Ross Abelow who has been living and practicing law in New York for quite some time. Lawyers have the ability to serve in as many areas as their education will allow. Ross has chosen to limit his field of expertise to a few specific areas. Defending the rights of others has always been his desire and he set those wheels in motion at the Brooklyn Law School, JD. Once the basics were complete Ross went on to strengthen his legal education at the State University of New York at Albany, B.A.

With a strong legal foundation behind him and a bright future ahead Ross went on to offer his legal advice and representation to his clients in New York. On the business side of things, he has chosen to streamline his representation to include Entertainment Law and Commercial Litigation. Protecting the family is also a high priority, which is why he provides representation in areas of family and matrimonial law. With years of experience defending his clients, Ross Abelow has a lot to be thankful for, especially when his client walks away with a positive outcome. With his roots firmly planted in the state of New York Ross continues to represent the people of that state as they fight to maintain their rights.

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Are George Soros Fears of Another Recession Founded?

George Soros is a wise investor whose financial management business now nets about $27 billion as of January 2016. However, is he also a fear monger when it comes to equating current Chinese economic problems to the 2008 recession?
Bloomberg mentions that George Soros has also called the Greek economic crisis as one worse than the 2008 economic fallout. This may be true, but there is evidence that Greece has advocated reduced government spending as mentioned in Strategy + Business. As a result, the Greek economy seems to be improving, so was this situation really the same as the Recession of 2008?
The Chinese crisis that took place the first week of January triggered a similar reaction in George Soros. One indicator that Soros saw as a sign during this period was the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by more than 392 points from the close on Wednesday to Thursday January 6-7. This was the lowest stock prices dropped in more than three months. Likewise, Market Watch reports that Chinese stocks plunged from about 7 to 11 percent. Furthermore, trading was shut down for a day.
Another factor that might have caused Soros to start being concerned of a possible 2008 repeat is China’s devalued currency. The plummeting yuan prices along with the shifting from an investment and manufacturing nation to a consumption and service nation caused a global ripple effect. For instance, global equities from the beginning of the year were reduced by a stark $2.5 trillion.
Some of the reasons George Soros expressed concerns to investors about current global trade and the economy may be valid. However, some economists think it is too early to tell because the United States’ service industry and German new orders are slightly increasing. It might take a bit more to convince both consumers and businesses of any real danger, but they are still warned to keep a close watch on the market.
Concerning the possibility of another recession, CNBC points out that the 2008 economic crisis was highly characterized by reckless lending. Irresponsible regulation and supervision of markets also seem to have played a part in what caused the financial collapse that took place eight years ago.
What does all this mean for the average person? For most people, it just means not to repeat some of the same mistakes as they did eight years ago. Furthermore, stricter lending policies could possibly prevent a recession.

Jon Urbana’s Videos Prove There’s More To Him Than Lacrosse

Jon Urbana describes himself as a video buff from Colorado who loves lacrosse. But that definition is much too short. Urbana is a modern day renaissance man that has a yearning for aviation knowledge. Jon is a Villanova graduate with a degree in economics, and he uses what he has learned to help people, animals, and the environment. Listing all of Jon’s activities is quite a task, but listing a few of his strong points can help people understand what makes Jon Urbana tick. Watching a few Urbana videos is a sure way to get to know Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s star founder and passionate environmentalist.

Several people around the country are getting to know Jon through his work with cats. Urbana founded The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, and he set up a CrowdRise campaign to fund his non-profit organization and posted more details at his website. All donations go directly to cats that need homes.

Urbana also takes amazing photographs from just about everywhere around the world. While he blogs and shares grapes, candy, tigers and lots more, here’s a collection of his reel rolled into one video, making it much easier to say what some could call his greatest hits.

Jon’s video that explains why he started a GoFundMe campaign for Earth Force is another great way to get to know Urbana. The Earth Force organization wants to protect the environment, and Urbana’s GoFundMe campaign wants to raise more than $1,700 to help that organization. A motorcycle stuntman (seen below) has gotten in on the action to raise awareness for this cause.

Jon Urbana has shared several videos to Twitter that display his creative side. Jon is a photographer. He captures the essence of his subject with his lenses, and the scenes come alive. Whether it is the Great Wall of China, modern sculpture, a scenic mountain shot or the colors of flowers in bloom, Urbana makes them all jump out of the photo and stand on their own. Jon has the ability to bring inanimate objects to life, and that sort of creativity can’t be taught. It is an innate characteristic.

His ability to take pictures while he is flying a plane is another form of Jon’s creativity that makes people shake their heads in awe. Jon’s video that shows the beauty of clouds as his airplane moves through them is truly amazing. The silence in his piece about how stress makes you sick tells a story to the people watching the video, and every story is different. Everyone is able to feel the freedom that Jon feels when they listen to Swan Song, or Fight Between Bosses.

Dog Foods Are Not Created Equally-There’s Beneful

Pet meals are not what they used to be. The next time you’re in the grocery store, read the back of the packages. I did and what it showed me was how much things have changed. An article I read on the Daily Herald showed me just how much quality has improved. Take for instance the company Pet Fresh. They had different company representatives talking about how they have improved quality control measures to ensure that dogs are getting not only their nutrients met, but also the food quality that taste like mom’s home cooking. One employee went as far as pulling a can off the line to taste it at Pet Fresh. While most of us won’t go that far, we do care what goes on in those plants. I have used Beneful for years. I trust this company because they don’t use corn and other fillers that do nothing but put weight on the animals. While I am not one of those people that think you can’t eat more than 1,500 calories a day, I do care about my dog and want his nutrition to be good. Beneful uses whole meats that are the finest in quality. They don’t use some of the other garbage that companies put in the food to get by. They have earned the reputation in the industry because people trust them and their foods. I not only feed my dog the home-style meals, but I also substitute the kibble and sometimes the treats. We love the entire line. Purina is one of the few names that you can count on when it comes to your pets’ nutrition, and since they make Beneful; it’s good enough for me. The market for pet food has changed since the introduction of whole grains and high-quality products. Unlike others on the market, Beneful won’t break the bank. It is affordable and allows people with limited incomes to still feed their dogs a great meal. It’s been 7 years and I haven’t used another type of food in this house. I like quality, but I also like affordability too. For us, there is nothing like Beneful.

Why Are Boutique Services From Solo Capital So Important?


The investment banking world has been filled with companies that offer service through call centers and layers of inexperienced brokers. Solo Capital has worked to remedy this customer service vacuum, and the Solo Capital has created an easy way for people to invest in stocks and bonds. This article explains how the Solo Capital offices in London provide a better customer service experience for every client.

#1: Brokers Are Trained

The brokers at Solo Capital are trained to offer the best customer service to every client. There are clients who need their questions answered at once, and clients will find that they may call in at any time. The brokers are trained and certified in their field, and every broker may provide service that is beneficial to their client. Trained brokers provide a much better customer service on the whole.

#2: Boutique Companies Are Not Bathed In Red Tape

A customer who contacts Solo Capital today will not be put through hours and hours of red tape that are there simply to satisfy some sort of procedure. People who are looking for immediate customer service will find such service, and the phone system will not confuse customers when they call. The Solo Capital team works in a boutique setting where everyone is available at all times. Customers will not be left with extra questions after each phone call, and the customers will not be put in a position where they must call back time and again to get their questions answered.

#3: Solo Capital Is A Very Strong Fund

Solo Capital is a strong fund that is capable of providing people with the service and returns on investment they need. Someone who has put their money in the Solo Capital fund will get their money back many times over, and the fund will last long enough to see many people to retirement. This is a much safer way of ensuring that people are financially stable, and the company will do business with everyone in a way that is more personable and less stale.

Solo Capital has eliminated all the poor customer service offered by companies that are too large for their own good. The setup of Solo Capital is such that people will be able to make quite a lot of money from their investments without losing time and energy to endless phone calls or poor customer service from brokers.