Free 4G Mobile Service Soon To Be Available Through FreedomPop

Budget providers, TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile are receiving a challenge from a U.S. mobile operator now offering free 4G mobile service. According to an article in The Telegraph, FreedomPop has set up a venture capital backed expansion plan in the UK in its first international phase.

They will be offering free basic monthly services after an initial set up fee. The basic services will include:
* 200 minutes of calls
* 200 texts
* 200MB of data (equivalent to about 100 web pages)
FreedomPop then plans to make a profit by selling additional/optional packages for customers to increase the services needed to meet their usage. Another offer for customers to gain access to increased free services will be to complete third party marketing.

The company will be called Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and will not own any infrastructure or mobile masts. It will target the most price-sensitive segment of the market, by buying capacity on the Three network and then give or sell to subscribers.

Stephen Stokols, the chief executive of FreedomPop is who came up with this new marketing strategy. He was working with BT at the time and found that in the US market only about half of the customers will buy extra capacity. Stokols states FreedomPop will only have to come up with 50,000 subscribers and they will have positive cash flow in the UK.

Stokols founded FreedomPop in 2011 while living in the United States and after leaving BT. FreedomPop’s goal is to reduce its cost by sending a lot of traffic over WiFi networks rather than mobile networks. Stokols is traveling to the UK later in the month in hopes of sealing a deal with his former employer to gain access to the BT WiFi network and their 5m hotspots.

To sign up for FreedomPop will initially have to be done online, but Stokols says he is negotiating with two major high street retailers. It is estimated there are already 250,000 Britons interested in this plan before it has even launched. FreedomPop may have to cap their subscriptions in the first few months to be able to manage their own growth.

Ken Griffin: One of the most successul businessmen

Ken Griffin is a leader in the financial world.He is extremely successful and had earned a spot in Forbes magazine in 2012 as being one of the highest earning hedge funds. He had first appeared in Forbes in 2002 when he had an estimated network of $650 million dollars. In 2015, Griffin now has an estimated network of $6.6 billion dollars. In the year 2002, he was mention in the CFO Magazines’ Global 100, which is a magazine that name the most influential people that are a part of the financial world. His company, Citadel, is worth about $ 25 billion dollars. Citadel is considered to be one of the most successful hedge funds worldwide.

Griffin began his journey to success when he studied at the prestigious Harvard.Frank C Meyer is an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC, he had seen considerable potential in a then young Griffin. Meyer proceeded to give Griffin $1 million dollars to use to invest. Meyer hunched about Griffin was right. Griffin exceeded Meyer’s expectations on Meyer had made an estimated 70 percent return on the investment.

It was in the year 1990 when Griffin founded his company Citadel. Through the course of eight years, his company grew to have more than 100 employees and $1 billion dollars in investment capital. Griffin and his team are dedicated to what they do and work extremely hard at their job. He often gives out perks such free lunch and museums to thank his team for what a good job that they are during at Citadel. His team must enjoy those perks because, in March of 2015, his company earned a TOP 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services.

Besides being the founder of Citadel, Griffin is a part of many organizations. He serves as a member of the G100, which is a network that consist 100 CEOs that speak about the global economy. He is also on the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation. Griffin is a member of the Commercial Clun of Chicago and the Civic Committee. He is the vice chairperson of the Chicago Public Education Fund. Grifin is a man that have a passion for the arts. He is a member of the Board of Trustee for the Art Institue of Chicago, Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Griffin has a reputation for being a big participation in the art world. He famously purchases an art piece that he spent over $55 million dollars.

When Griffin is not buying art, he is donated his money to help worthy causes. It is estimated that Grifin has given about $500 million to many different causes. He gave money to a charter school in Chicago.He has a foundation that continues to give money to the Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center and Children’s Memorial Hospital. Griffin is a man that is charitable, respected, and one of the greatest businessmen.

Environmental Law & Frans Schoeman: Working to Save South Africa

A bastion of natural resources, the nation of South Africa works hard to see those resources are used responsibly. This includes utilizing processes that protect the environment for future generations. This has led to an often complicated set of environmental laws, such as the National Environmental Management Act. Lawyers like Frans Schoeman, an eco-advocate, have specialized in these laws, in order for others to understand, apply and abide by the environmental regulations and laws in all their operations.

Among its many guidelines, the National Environmental Management Act governs a range of principles for sustainable development. These guidelines, regulations and laws understand that both private citizens and corporations must be held accountable for how their acts impact South Africa’s current and future ecosystems. The guidelines intent is to enhance awareness of how actions impact health, air, land and water. The overall goal is to give society responsibility for intergenerational equity. That means properly harvesting, applying and disposing of resources in a manner that minimizes harm to ecosystems. Actions important to future generations affected by how we treat our environments today.

South Africa considers its natural resources and ecosystems to be a public trust. Governing bodies operate under the concept that people and organizations should and need to access the natural world to sustain a productive life. Only history has shown, left unchecked, our actions may not always be for the public good. With environmental laws and oversights, people and organizations have a set of disciplines for avoiding unnecessary risk. South Africa takes these processes seriously, long before terms like “eco-consciousness” and “eco-friendly” became part of the general public’s vocabulary.

Environmental laws ensure that the citizenry and organizations of South Africa know what needs to be done to protect environments and holds them accountable when they chose to ignore said laws. Included in these laws are ways the public can make reparations for any damage that their actions do cause. This is why lawyers like Frans Schoeman have become an integral part of the system. They have studied and interpreted these laws, regulations and guidelines, giving them the acumen to provide the layman with counsel and guidance in these regards.

Schoeman is a lawyer with over 25 years practicing under his belt. He is also a director at Phatsima Diamond, a law firm that advises and manages legal issues related to contract negotiation and drafting, and the performance of due diligence and fulfillment of contracts. He is a founder of Joubert Schoeman, a law firm with an impressive client list of various commercial enterprises.

Schoeman uses his knowledge of commercial and business law to demonstrate a deep passion for everything from environmental responsibility, children’s issues, human rights to education. At Phatisma Diamond, Schoeman has been a leader in managing mineral rights concessions and labor law, becoming a strong influence in mineral rights concessions and contracts with governing authorities.

With environmental considerations and industry excellence on his agenda, Frans Schoeman will continue to ensure people — current and future — are afforded all their rights.

Handybook To the Rescue

Maintaining a clean and tidy house can be especially difficult. While the chores might not be all that hard to do, and many of these chores a child is able to perform themselves, it is hard to do simply based on the amount of time required to clean an entire house. Over time, with work, running kids around and conducting all sorts of other activities and simply living life, cleaning a house and performing chores just fall by the wayside and there is simply not enough time in the world to dedicate towards these chores. So, the chore are just going to pile up and pile up. At first, it is not noticeable a missed sweeping or vacuuming around the house. But eventually, it is just going to cause all sorts of problems. That is why it is so important to bring in a professional cleaner from Handy. Now, booking a maid service can prove helpful, if not expensive. Plus, these maids need to be booked well in advance. What if someone needs to be booked immediately? That is exactly why Handybook is available for anyone and everyone.

What is Handybook?

So what is Handybook exactly? This is a cleaning service that works much like Uber, the car booking service. A person who needs the cleaning service on just needs to fire up the mobile application, set the date and time and a person is going to be on the way, ready to clean the house and offer up quality services. It doesn’t matter if the entire house needs to be cleaned, if the carpets need to be cleaned or if the home is just in need of a light dusting, whatever is required is going to be taken care of.

Can You Trust Handybook?

Now, you probably wouldn’t just let anyone into your home who is holding a bucket and broom on the side of the road, so why in the world would you allow any random person off of a mobile application? All of the listed professionals are properly screened before they are hired on. These individuals are brought in only after they have past several different screening tests. Not only do they need to pass a background test but they need to be able to prove they can clean and perform the different requirements they say they can provide. A very small percentage of individuals who apply make the cut, which is why it is so trustworthy.

Growing With No End in Sight

Handybook is growing without an end in sight. It recently passed one million bookings and it is growing each and every day. As the service moves into different towns and cities around the country, it is making it easier for individuals to find a professional who can clean their home and give them the necessary services they are looking for. So, for anyone who is ever in need of having their home cleaned, it doesn’t matter if they need that done immediately or if they need it done just within a few days time, there is a cleaning professional who can help out.

The Beauty of Doe Deere and Lime Crime

The Lime Crime cosmetics story is one that continues to inspire, through the hard work and innovation of its (literally) colorful founder, Doe Deere. In a recent story on The Story Exchange, Deere talked about the challenges involved in creating a new line of cosmetics and in dealing with the realities of business in an Internet and computer driven world.


Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008, after first registering the name for a new account she had on eBay. Lime Crime actually started as a DIY fashion line, and like her cosmetics brand, Doe Deere wanted her fashion line to have bright and bold colors. She found way back in her sewing days that it was often hard to come by bright colors. So, when she launched her cosmetics brand, it was partly due to necessity, and partly by inspiration that she sought out bold colors. What resulted is the truly colorful Lime Crime line of rock and roll lipsticks, shadows and eye makeup.


For Deere, the success of her cosmetics brand has been all about the process of creative reinvention as the line has evolved. It’s also, according to Deere, about making people happy with what you create.


Lime Crime has many successful products in its line, but to Deere, the biggest success of all has been the effectiveness and innovation of creating a whole new kind of lip color, which is the “liquid to matte” Velvetines. These beautiful lip colors go on liquid but stay on with a matte texture that doesn’t crumble. These glosses came about through months and months of work spent in a lab with a chemist who was as dedicated as Deere to making an effective product. Also, these lip colors are vegan and have been approved and certified by Leaping Bunny as “cruelty free.” That is not an easy certification to get and one that Deere is rightly proud of.


The toughest time Deere has had as a business owner was coping with a major security hack in 2014. The hack by cyber-thieves did result in some customers having personal information stolen. The hack did not happen due to negligence on Doe’s party, but she still felt responsible for it. The company worked tirelessly to remedy the situation, and set up a dedicated email account to handle complaints, as well as a FAQ list and additional Customer Care workers. Lime Crime is now partnering with Trustwave and Norton to ensure the website is completely safe. According to Deere, the whole site is as protected as Fort Knox.


As far as role models go, Deere cites Kim Gordon, of the innovative Wildfox vintage clothing company as hers. They both started out in 2007/2008 with their company launches, and they both appeal to women who love a whimsical and highly creative style.

To read more from The Story Exchange go here:

Fighting For North Korean Rights

There are many horrific acts against humanity that happen in North Korea, but since they have such of a tight hold on their citizens, many people do not even know about all of the atrocities that occur. There are few individuals that have escaped from North Korea, and the few that do try their best to be undercover, because they do not want their info to get out. North Korea has done such of a good job scaring it citizens, that even when a person leaves the country, they are still left in fear.

Yeonmi Park is a woman on youtube that did not let fear run her life. She is a woman that has stood up to her former country and she is determined to fight for change. Yeonmi Parks is a young woman that was born in North Korea to a well off family. Her father was charged with insider trading and was sent to jail later in her life, and everything change. Yeonmi, her mother, and her sister where forced to live a life of poverty without their dad around and they were very bad off. Later her father became ill, and he was released from jail, but he knew that North Korea would have nothing for them. Her father made a plan to get them out of the country. He was going to start with the women, but before he could get them out, Yeonmi’s sister left on her own. Next her father was able to get the rest of them out, but he passed away in China before they could all get to South Korea.

When Yeonmi Park arrived in South Korea everything changed for her. She realized that people could live free and that they did not have to have all of their lives controlled by the government. While she was very happy that her and her family were free, at the same time she felt pain for all of those individuals that were still trapped in North Korea. Since the North Korean government is difficult to deal with, Yeonmi has done what she can from the opposite side of the world. Yeonmi is know all around the world as a human rights activist. She fights for equal human rights in North Korea and all around the world. Yeonmi has done much to advance the life of others, and she has given speeches, discourses, and experiences all around the world. Yeonmi is a very young woman, but that has not stopped her from becoming a very vocal advocate for peace and for human rights. Yeonmi is brave and she is strong, and even though she has suffered from much injustice in her life, she is determined to change the world.

Purina Pet Care Helps You Understand your Dog

The quality and dependability found in Nestle’s Purina Pet Care has been feeding pets in America since 1984. The first product was Ralston Purina Horse Chow, and then they expanded to producing food for other farm animals. Next, came Purina Dog Chow and Cat Chow.

William Danforth practiced good values and health nutrition, and this is what makes Purina a top contender in pet food worldwide. When Nestles and Purina merged several years ago, they formed a moral and ethical company that now has over 150 different pet products, Nestles Purina Pet Care.

Nestle’s Purina Pet Care Reaches Worldwide

With 6,500 caring employees around the world, and they share a common bond that; they have pets of their own, so they truly care about their jobs. Your Pet – Our Passion expresses the dedication that they have for Purina and the customers.

Their goal is to allow your pets to eat well and stay healthy. One of the most recent dog foods is Beneful. Beneful is a chunky food, nutritious and tasty. It is made with real meat and chicken, and veggies that your dog already loves, like carrots and potatoes. Beneful is designed to give your dog the energy to run and play and enjoy their daily walk. It comes in 13 flavors of kibble, a huge variety of canned foods and special treats and snacks.

Purina’s Passion on is to let owners and their dogs understand each other better, so they have more fun at play.

Five Tips to Help You Identify Your Dog’s Moods.

1) Feeling Friendly – is easy; ears are relaxed, the tails are flat or wagging, good eye contact.
2) Afraid – a fearful dog will crouch in corners typically with their tail between their legs while avoiding eye contact. Be weary because a frightened dog may bite if threatened.
3) Aggressive – they may stare and growl, holding their ears forward and over-alert. The tail will be motionless. See if you can identify and eliminate the agitating factor or they may be a threat.
4) Assertive – The dog will be staring intently with his tail and ears attentive. He may push on humans.
5) Playful – Pushing their chest down to the ground while extending his tail in the air is the perfect stance for play. They are saying, “Let’s Play!”

As you get to know your poochy more, you will be able to identify their moods and the quirky ways they demonstrate them for you. This is what is so fun about raising a puppy, but even if you adopt an adult dog, you’ll want to be able to understand what they are telling you.

How to Create a Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia is a web-based free encyclopedia that allows registered users to edit, create and proofread articles. The process of creating a new article is straightforward. You will need to go to the Wikipedia’s Main Page and select your language in which you want to write your Wikipedia article. After selecting the publishing language, the next step is to search to see if the article you want to write already exist. If articles about the topic you want to write exist, Wikipedia will pull them out.

If your article does not exist, and you want to write it, you will need to ask yourself these two important questions before you commence the writing task. First, you will need to ask yourself if the article is a worthwhile in subject that people will be interested with. Another question is whether the subject is verifiable. Any article published on the Wikipedia page must be notable and supported by verifiable references either in the books or on the internet. Once you are satisfied that the article you want to write is notable and verifiable, you can proceed with writing it.

You will need to log in to access your account or create one if you are a new user. If you want to edit Wikipedia articles, you can do so without registering at the site. However, if you are a new user who wants to write a new Wikipedia article, you must register at the site.

Once you log in at the site, there is space for writing the article before you submit it for review. You will be asked to enter your article name and username on the Create tab. You will have a large space in which you will write your article. A typical Wikipedia article must start with a ‘lead’ section, commonly referred to as introduction, and then the main body. Once you are through with writing your article, you will need to proofread it thoroughly before you submit it for review. It will take time before you receive a response from the review team.

Submitting articles for publishing does not guarantee you approval. For your article to be published, it must adhere to the stringent Wikipedia rules. To save yourself from the hassle of writing articles that guarantee approval, you can hire a trusted third party Wikipedia writing company to help you out. One of the companies that many people choose is Get Your Wiki. This Wiki writing service company guarantees you a Wikipedia page approval or your money back. The company ensures that the submission they make on your behalf adheres to Wikipedia’s Manual of Style Guidelines.

Andy Wirth Sees Clean Power As The Next Step For Olympic Valley


Ever since Andy Wirth arrived at Squaw Valley Ski Resort as the CEO and President, the Edinburgh University graduate has looked to make large improvements that would provide a benefit to the greater community and his own company. Andy Wirth is now using his status in Reno and the tourist industry to make the case for the widespread adoption of Calkifornia’s Clean Power Plan. The CEO has provided an article for the Reno Gazette-Journal that explains just why he believes the Clean Power Plan will only benefit everybody involved in the Reno area of the state.

Under the leadership of Andy Wirth, Squaw Valley has made a number of changes to its design and the mountain that have seen the historic ski resort grow in popularity. The 25 years of experience in the tourism industry Andy Wirth has completed have taken him to various resorts in North America and the Caribbean. Since returning from a life threatening injury sustained during a skydiving accident, Andy Wirth has been looking to aid the entire Reno and Lake Tahoe area with his work for a number of groups in the area. This work has included his attempts to improve the services bringing visitors to the local airport and many cultural programs designed to bring more visitors to the entire area.

The need to aid the entire community means Wirth sees the overall benefit for the entire local community of following the Clean Power Plan, which calls for a change made quickly to renewable forms of energy over fossil fuels. Andy Wirth explains in his article that the entire community of California will feel a benefit from the change in power providers, which includes a growing number of jobs created to change the way power is provided and in the maintenance of the equipment installed. A change in air quality will also be a major benefit in the eyes of Andy Wirth, who believes more tourists will visit the area throoughout the year while local people will feel the benefits of better air quality.

What To Look For In Beauty Products

When you’re heading out to school, work, or any special occasion, you’ll find that the most important thing is how you look. You want to be presentable no matter what, whether you’re going out for a party or just buying groceries. Getting only the best beauty products to fit your skin and face isn’t always easy. This is why I have come up with some unique approaches to finding the right beauty products that are only going to enhance your face, improve your skin, and make you look your ultimate best. It’s always easier when you have a professional helping you out. Use these simple tips to help you out.

What To Look For In Beauty Products

– Go For Cruelty-Free Makeup

I highly recommend going for the best makeup that is going to make sure your skin is safe. Whether its potential allergies, horrible skin rashes, or any irritations, your goal is to make sure that you are always looking for cruelty-free makeup that has not been tested on animals. Finding a brand that always tries to help the environment with their makeup isn’t always easy, but there are many brands in the cosmetic industry that can provide you with a wonderful set of beauty products. Eco-friendly makeup is also worth buying.

– Go For Multiple Bright Colors

Consider looking for a brand that gives you a wide variety of colors to choose from. It’s always helpful to look out for super bright colors that can help you express who you are. One of the best brands to help with that is Lime Crime. This brand is known for all of their unique colors, stunning designs, and just the way that they approach their makeup creation. Their bright colors are always very over the top, but it allows you to express yourself. Doe Deere of ideamensch has made it her goal to really help women express themselves better.

– Read Ingredients

Always read about the current skin conditions you may have. Are you allergic to a specific type of ingredient that many brands use in their makeup? Find out what your problems are at the moment, and then try to locate as many ingredients that just don’t fit in your skin. Reading the ingredients is always helpful to finding out whether you need that product or not. Reading the ingredients always goes a long way for making sure that you have the best skin possible.

What Is A Good Brand For Cosmetics?

One of the best brands is obviously Doe Deere’s Lime Crime. This brand is truly different and approaches cosmetics in such a unique way. The brand is also filled with tons of great makeup artists who craft their makeup.

If you use the tips above, you’ll be able to find brands that better suit your goals. Your makeup needs to be good for your skin, so be very cautious with what you buy. If you are very prone to skin conditions, watch out for the skin conditions to make sure your skin is protected.