Securus Technologies Is Getting Things Done Right

Securus Technologies is a company that I recently read an article about. They provide criminal and civil justice through technology solutions. Securus released a recent press report that shows a lot of wrongdoings that were carried out by Global Tel Link. Global Tel Link has been shown to have committed fraud when it comes to scheduling the clock on the telephones in different correctional facilities. Global Tel Link programs telephones to rate calls at a higher price than what is permitted by the facilities. Global Tel Link also had been found to inflate the charges that they were giving to their customers. They did this by adding different amounts of money to their calls. These practices were carried out in a way that was very deliberate, and the only reason for carrying them out was to overcharge their customers. The results of these practices have cost the taxpayers of Louisiana over $1,200,000.

The wrongdoings of Global Tel Link were first noticed starting in 1998, and this behavior is completely unprofessional and illegal. With time, Global Tel Link continued on with their morally degrading behavior, and because of that Louisiana Public service commission will have to take measures to penalize them for these actions that can detriment the entire industry. This is in essence playing a trick on different consumers in order to get them to lose more money.

Securus Technologies is the company that the did this investigation, and they are in the business of serving more than 350,000 agencies, and those agencies work with over 1,000,200 inmates in all of the North American continent. Securus Technologies is a company that holds itself to a very high ethical and moral code, and they are dedicated to providing public information, investigation, communication and monitoring products in order to make the world a more trusting place to live in.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Brian Bonar A Name Synonomous With Sucess Amungst Financial Corporation Sector

When it comes to the world of corporate finance and the leaders in the industry a name that is synonymous with the financial institutions and corporations is Brian Bonar. Voted Executive of the Year in Finance by Cambridge Who’s Who, Brian Bonar has an exemplary history of success as CEO and chairman of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. The Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance is not an award that is just handed out to anyone. Read more: Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service

Only two driven and successful females and males from each discipline are named the prestigious executive of the year. A specially chosen committee by the Cambridge Who’s Who prepares the selection of honorees. These honorees are chosen based on academic achievements, leadership abilities, and the overall success of their professional career and accomplishments. This is how you become the distinguished Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance like Brian Bonar.

Mr. Brian Bonar is not only the CEO and chairman of the Dalrada Financial Corporation but he has served this position for more than a decade successfully. During this time, he has been the main decision maker who is responsible for a multitude of tasks such as employment selection and employer benefits. Dalrada Financial Corporation is a marketing liaison. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Supplying their clients with programs designed to increase the efficiency of their business. Risk management insurance, employee benefits, financial management, along with promotional and business marketing management services are just some of the areas in which Brian Bonar has excelled over the past decade – click to read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor.
Dalrada Financial Corporation is the business you need when you or your company are looking to expand its efficiency to become a more profitable business. Through the professional management skills of corporations that are leaders in the industry such as the one chaired by Brian Bonar are exemplary examples of how business should be done.

Brian Bonar is also the CEO of another company by the name of Smart-Tek Automated Services. If that wasn’t enough Brian also take on the challenge of being president of Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services Inc. Communicates about It Acquiring Two More Business Units

IAP Worldwide Services has announced its acquisition of two business units that were previously held by DRS Technologies Inc. the two business units are Tactical Communications & Network Solutions Business (TCNS), Aberdeen Proving Ground and the Aviation and Logistics Business (A&L) based in Oklahoma. A&L provides services in logistics, management of aircraft repair and mission support. TCNS on the other hand provides information technology, communications support and engineering solutions to the Department of Defense (U.S.) and other various agencies. IAP is focused on integrating the unique talent and capabilities of these two business units to form part of its growth strategy on the long term.

This acquisition has the advantage of increasing the capabilities of IAP Worldwide Services in delivering its services and solutions to its customers globally and also increase the size of its addressable market to almost double. The two business units will be integrated to form a new department, Aviation & Engineering Solutions, as well as the National Security Programs Unit that exists. The CEO of IAP Worldwide Services Inc, Doug Kitani, stated that the two business units would be a natural fit to the company and will therefore expand its solutions and services to the U.S. and international government organizations and agencies.

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About IAP Worldwide Services Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services is a company that was founded in 1990 in Irmo, SC to offer specialized procurement and logistics services/solutions. Its mission is to provide solutions to problems that seem to be the most challenging using its ingenuity, expertise and proven technology. It promises its partners that it will take their goals and own them in order to remain in relentless pursuit of their achievement. IAP Worldwide Services relies on its four competencies as the foundation of its approach to its mandate, they are; focus, agility, commitment and capabilities.

The company started from a contract that involved providing the U.S. Army with generator supplies to its troops in Saudi Arabia. It then turned into a company that was able to support the troops well during the “Operation Desert Storm”. It is now among the trusted partners to the U.S. Military and wins contracts to help the military in International Procurement, transportation, emergency disaster relief and power generation (temporary or mobile) services. It is at the forefront of its industry as it holds contracts for government services worth $370 million. It has over 1,600 employees who operate in 110 locations and in over 20 countries. It supports over 175,000 military personnel in the U.S. and Middle East.

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Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Says Community Bouncing Back From Drought

In an interview on KCRW Press Play With Madeline Brand, Squaw Valley Holdings CEO and President Andy Wirth discussed the drought situation that has affected the ski resorts over the last few years. Always optimistic, Wirth believes that the area can withstand anything thrown its way. He insists that the community will continue to thrive despite the rough patch. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Brand asked Wirth about the weather system that had the community in the grips of despair. He admitted that the last few seasons were rough, and there was a drop in visitation at a rate of about 20 percent. This was obviously due to less snow and a smaller ski area. Read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia

According to Andy Wirth, Stanford meteorologists described the weather system as the “ridiculously resilient ridge.” Basically, this front kept moisture and badly needed storms from entering the valley. It is something that meteorologists haven’t seen in a very long time.

Wirth, however, did say that his resort could survive an unlimited number of bad winters. “It all comes down to preparation.” Wirth says as long as you have a good business model and a sound plan, resorts could realistically survive many years of similar drought. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

“We have modern technology, which has done wonders with creating snow. And even if that doesn’t work, we can do other thing such as open for summer activities.”

Andy Wirth also says that this year is looking much better. Meteorologists have predicted snow patterns absent the ridiculously resilient ridge. In fact, models show that El Nino will likely bring early snow (read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?). “If we get snow early and often, we can open our seasons weeks in advance.”

Andy Wirth has over 25 years in the resort industry. Before taking the helm of Squaw Valley, he worked for Steamboat Springs Resort. Wirth is credited for helping upgrade not only the resort but spearheading a number of projects in the community. He sits on many local boards and is a huge supporter of green initiatives.

Inmate Phone Calls

Being in jail is a difficult experience for anyone. The technology in many jail systems today is not advanced, and according to PR Newswire, inmates have trouble connecting with people from the outside. Many studies show that inmates who have regular connection with family behave better in jail. Securus is a company dedicated to making the jail experience better. With their new phone and video systems, inmates will be able to communicate better with people from the outside. It will be interesting to see whether this benefits inmates and reduces prison crime. This is an important investment for many jail systems as lower crime reduces costs.

Living in Jail

Few people have the experience of living in jail over an extended period of time. The technology in jails is nowhere near that of the outside world. Inmates must deal with outdated phone systems that do not work. This makes connecting with family extremely difficult. Over the next couple of years, Securus wants to revolutionize the jail experience. The company believes that this is a huge market to take advantage of. Few companies want to help inmates in jail, and this gives Securus a great opportunity to be first to the market. Over the next couple of years, the company will expand to many more jail systems.

Future Plans

As technology increases, Securus [see:] is set up nicely for business growth. A lot of jail systems simply want to save money on the cost of housing an inmate. Over the next couple of years, the company is projected to grow by double digits annually. This is good news for anyone who is working for the company or has invested into it. If the company can deliver value to jail systems and inmates, this is a major customer base that can be impacted. Securus is a company that is on the cutting edge of communication technology. With their technology, the company wants to impact people all over the world. Although many companies do not care about people living in jail, Securus is a different kind of company that wants to help all people in life.
Full story posted on PR Newswire.

Judy’s review of Beneful dog food

My name is Judy, and I am a wikipedia content writer and owner of a 7 year old male Maltese. His name is Walter.

I have been feeding Walter Beneful dog food from PurinaStore for the last few years, and he has been staying healthy and strong.

I would like to recommend you some products from Beneful that Walter really enjoys, and hopefully, your dog(s) will enjoy them as well.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Incredibites with real beef

This is Walter’s favorite dry food variety from Beneful. Made with real beef, carrots, and peas, this has all the vital nutrients for Walter to stay healthy. And it’s tasty too!

Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with real beef

This is Walter’s second favorite dry food variety from Beneful. Made with real beef, spinach, peas, and carrots, this has the protein and other nutrients that fills Walter’s tummy real good.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends with beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice

Whenever I open a can of these, Walter just comes running towards me, wherever he is in the house. Made with real beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice, he never leaves leftovers with this one!

Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Heartfuls with apple flavored filling & real bacon

This is Walter’s favorite treat [Go to:]. This is a shortbread treat has bacon and apple fillings that Walter loves. You can’t go wrong with this one.

There you go. These are my recommendations of Beneful dog products from Purina. You can order these online here.

Product link:

Thank you for reading!


Andy Wirth – Finally Sees Some Relief

The Squaw Valley Resort and CEO Andy Wirth are finally seeing some relief in the past few months considering the past few years have been short of stress free. Andy Wirth has endured the efforts an the incorporation imposing new laws and suggestions at the cost of the resort.

Not only has he had to deal with that, but the weather hasn’t exactly cooperated with the mantra of what the resort is about, outdoor winter activities. Without the proper weather, the skier’s and outdoor enthusiasts can’t take part in their winter sports as often as they would like.

Therefore, it puts quite the damper on the resort and what it stands for. Luckily, a really nice winter storm as swept through the picturesque valley created the moisture that they have waited so long for. The storm brought it some much needed snow along with cold temperatures to keep the snow there. The resort was able to take advantage of the early weather surprise, and open early, which was a valid kick start to the season. Things are finally looking up.

Wirth has spend much of his life dedicated to the outdoor parks and recreational activities. He attended the Colorado State University where he graduated with his Bachelor’s of Science degree.

He is actually from Germany, but moved to the United States to attend college. He fell in love with Colorado and the beauty of the state, and decided to move to Steamboat where he started his initial career. He worked there for a number of years, and eventually became the CEO of the olympic valley incorporation.

Wirth had a near death experience sky diving where he was brutally hurt and spent many months in the hospital to recover. It was a life changing event for him and he most definitely learned a lot from it.

Wirth is also working very hard on a gondola that will connect the two sister resorts together. The gondola is set to break ground soon and the community is excited about the new construction project.

It will make life a lot easier for the skier’s as they will easily be able to maneuver back and forth between the beautiful resorts. Not only do thy have access to visit both resorts quite easily, but they can utilize either of them. The resorts have teamed up, an they are providing even more beauty for the visitors.

Many people from all over the world travel to visit the resort and take in the nature of the beauty that it exhibits. Wirth has worked very hard to make the necessary changes to the resort, and will continue to make improvements along the way to enhance the overall effects of the attraction.

Why You Should Try Wen Conditioner

Wen products are made from natural plant oils and extracts, which is largely the reason why a number of people are interested in shampoos and conditioners from the brand. If you’ve seen Wen commercials, you may want to see if the products will work for you. Bustle’s Emily McClure has taken the guesswork out of trying Wen by Chaz Dean ( conditioner for you, so you can decide if you should make the conditioner part of your hair care regimen.
She used the Sephora Fig Version. For the first few days of her seven-day experiment, McClure noticed that her hair was significantly thicker and moisturized. Her hair is naturally thin, so she appreciated the fact that her coif had more volume after just one use.

By the fourth day, Emily rushed out of the door without washing her hair that morning. Her hair was still well moisturized, but it fell flat mid-day, even after she added curls for more volume.

At the end of the experiment, McClure’s friends commented on how healthy and shiny her hair looked. She’d already been satisfied with the difference WEN conditioner made in her hair, but the fact that others noticed was definitely a plus.

Overall, Emily said she’d recommend Chaz Dean‘s conditioner for women with thin hair, and says the product is ideal for women who wash their hair on a daily basis.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Excellent Investment Tips and Advice

Igor Cornelsen has had a very successful career working within the Brazilian banking industry. Throughout his career, working for various banking institutions in Brazil, he was able to learn about successful investment banking tips, investing in different financial and capital markets as well as how to tell good potential investments from poor ones.

Even after his official retirement back in 2010, Igor Cornelsen was still widely sought on twitter after by former clients and other investment firms that wanted to utilize his great wealth of knowledge and experiences in capital, stock and financial markets. Today, the avid golfer lives in the state of Florida where he gets to play all the golf he wants in some of the best golf courses that the state has to offer.

Cornelsen also works with Bainbridge Investments Inc. as a senior financial adviser. He has been instrumental at the firm because he offers excellent tips on what securities to go for and which to sell. This has earned the firm huge profits hence it still continues to retain the services of the Brazilian national.

Brazilian Investment Guru

Having worked in Brazil’s banking sector for years, Cornelsen has earned a lot of respect and reputation because of his expertise and sound financial investment. He held top executive levels in the South American state’s banking sector and was at one time instrumental in handling huge amounts of money that actually had a potential effect on the country’s economy.

The current proprietor of Bainbridge Inc. has had a long time to study the stock markets and find out exactly how they work. He realized a while back that for one to make money, they need to be able to correctly identify lucrative stock to invest in. It is for this reason that the avid golfer and investor maestro continues to advice the general public on excellent investment advice.

Investment Advice from Cornelsen

Cornelsen has always stressed on his wordpress blog making excellent long term investments because they always have huge returns in the future. A lot of people tend to invest with a view of making quick returns in the short run. More often than not, these returns turn out to be meagre compared to what they could have earned had they left their money to grow over a longer period of time. Additionally, he advises people to diversify their portfolio and spread their risk.

When it comes to investing in the stock market, Cornelsen insists that the most profitable returns are made from investing in dead stock. This is because once this underprized stock picks up, those who invested in it stand to make huge returns. However, he cautions against purchasing stock from damaged companies because such investment only results in loss. Today, Igor Cornelsen continues to write many online articles about investment tips and actionable advice for the public.

Switch Out Those Stilettos For Some Sneakers

If you are in to fashion at all or even have a social media account, you have heard of Fabletics. But maybe you don’t know what it is? Fabletics is a new brand of activewear. This probably goes without saying, but the products are actually presentable. Presentable in the way that they can be worn outside of the house, and no, not just to the gym.

Shop Fabletics on Facebook and you’ll find an assortment of tops, bottoms, sports bras and even dresses. If you’re one of those people that can’t seem to put your own outfit together, you can also get 3-piece outfits already assembled.

Maybe you do know all about Fabletics on corp.justfab and the new “Athleisure” trend, but you’re not sure exactly how to execute. Well, here’s the thing, Athleisure means that you can wear your activewear outside the house, and it’s acceptable. An article originally posted on Bustle outlines the basics. Kelly Dougher’s article How To Wear Athleisure Style Even If You Normally Prefer Dresses & High Heels has some great advice to offer.

If you just can’t get past the idea of wearing your activewear for any other reason than working out, start small. Try wearing your activewear for a casual day while running errands. Who needs a pair of heels while grocery shopping anyway?

When you feel a little more comfortable out-and-about in your activewear, try rocking it for a casual weekend with family or friends. It’s a little less intimidating to try a new look in front of a group of trusted friends rather than in the club. They might even give you some tips to help get your Athleisure style perfected with Fabletics.

Lastly, be bold and try it out on a date on The great thing about Fabletics is that they do have more to offer than leggings and jackets. We talked about dresses earlier, remember? Yes, Fabletics does have a casual, comfortable dress. Actually, they offer just about anything you could think of. If you’ve been thinking about switching up your style, stop procrastinating and do it!