A Few Lip Balm Flavors From EOS

The EOS lip balm name has helped quite a few students find something that satisfies their fancy, and the lip balm helps each student ensure they look and feel their best. Treating lips with the lip balm from EOS allows customers to partake of flavors they enjoy, and they will smell the flavor when they are using the lip balm daily. This article explains how the EOS lip balm flavors are chosen by kids and parents alike.

#1: Holiday Vanilla

Holiday vanilla is a sparkling flavor for all those who wish to run it across their lips, and it helps them enjoy the lip balm more because it smells good. They will enjoy the lip balm all through the winter, and it will make a comeback in the fall when the weather gets cold again.

#2: The Shimmer Lip Balm

The shimmer lip balm helps bring a bit of color to the lips, and it shimmers as it goes on. It will be soft to the touch, and it will help kids put something on that is exciting. Each person trying this special edition will enjoy the colors that come off the bulb when it is used. Also see, http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245.

#3: Winterberry Special Edition

Having a berry flavor for the winter is quite helpful, and many kids want to keep up the flavor of berries in the winter time with a crisp and refreshing lip balm from EOS. The EOS lip balm is quite helpful as it helps everyone smell the soft and crisp air under them, and they will feel their lips improve as they use the lip balm.

Each new lip balm selected from EOS helps the customer feel special, and the special feeling that comes along with a beautiful new lip balm helps kids remain confident and comfortable in their own skin. Want EOS? Visit the exclusive evolutionofsmooth.com website or eBay online store to purchase.


Oregon Business Leaders Confront Online Reputation Management Problems

Online business professionals realize that a positive online reputation is the key to surviving and profiting online. Oregon business leaders met to discuss this critical problem arising in the business community recently. Oregon Business hosted the panel that discussed the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation with customers. Their main issue was paying due respect to online reputation management problems instead of looking the other way. The fact is that looking the other way only leads to future problems with customers and their perception of the company.

On Negative Reviews

The business forum had more than a few words to share about negative remarks online. The fact is that customers are going to share their views on social media sites and review sites. Unfortunately, some of those remarks might be offensive or negative to the company. The forum felt that ignoring the problem or overreacting is dangerous. Instead, view the negative comments as an opportunity to interact with customers. Have a Reputation Defender and give customers the company’s viewpoint on the remark. Let them know that the company is concerned without finding fault with the company or the customer. Other forum attendees found that customers respect honesty.

What Not To Do

The panel also discussed methods or responses that simply added fuel to the fire. Certainly, a number of companies have responded to negative remarks by going postal. They get in a Twitter war. This only escalates the problem and damages the company’s reputation. The forum found that negative responses to criticism simply did not work.

The Future

The panel discussed online reputation management and the future. They found that the online audience is going mobile. More people than ever are searching online with their mobile phone or their tablet. Therefore, it is critical that every business online provides a better experience for visitors to their site online. Hire people specifically to handle social media sites, make sites more interactive, provide video enhancements for visitors. This is the way to build a brand and improve online reputation. Still, it is important to remember to provide good content along with all the positive social improvements.


Lime Crime Cosmetics: A Worldwide Phenomenon

Lime Crime is a cosmetics line that was founded in 2008 by Russian immigrant Doe Deere. The company is known for the loud colors of its make-up and its innovative internet marketing. Many experts questioned whether the company could succeed using primarily online marketing and sales.

The company has surprised them all by quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon and a favorite with people of all ages. It has given consumers the wildly colored make-up they have long sought to use for creative self-expression.

All of the products in the company’s line are made with strictly vegan ingredients. Plus they are never tested on animals. Both those claims are verified by PETA and Jumping Bunny. That means Lime Crime is a corporation with a social conscience.

This gives users two more reasons to like the product. The cosmetics line first became a reality when Doe Deere was trying to find make-up bright enough to use when she was on stage performing with her rock band. When she couldn’t find the loud colors she wanted, she taught herself to produce make-up by hand and began selling it to people on her online make-up tutorial.

The company makes lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, nail polish, blush, rouge and more. The products glide on easily and dry to stunning matte or metallic finishes. People are also drawn to the brand because they feel like part of a community.

Doe Deere encourages customers to send picture of themselves wearing the cosmetics in unique ways. She then displays those pictures on the website to serve as inspiration to others. The open lines of communication through social media the company has developed allows consumers to get their voices heard and get any information about the products they desire.

According to DollSkill, Lime Crime cosmetics have becomes ‘must-haves’ for a growing number of people as a means to create their signature looks for work or play. Even the names of the colors of the cosmetics in the line are innovative. The touch-proof, long-wearing cosmetics have colors with names like Alien, Black Velvet, Cashmere, Faded, Fetish, Jinx, Rave, Riot, Shroom, Suedeberry, Trouble and Wicked.

Build Your Confidence With Your Makeup Color Options

Lime Crime is a popular makeup blend that allows girls and guys to express themselves with freedom to be unapologetic. They introduce magical color options that present long lasting coverage. Doe Deere, CEO and founder was the first one in the industry to base her line of eye shadows and lipsticks with a velvetine matter and superfoil foundation.

Most women love their brand because it is easy on the skin and doesn’t contain any hypoallergenic by products. This unique line of beauty products leave your skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed. Each product is uniquely packaged in independent packaging that is easy to distinguish from other products.

These awesome cosmetics are 95% organic and cruelty free. Young women and professionals love the colorful assortment of beauty products. They have created a color revolution for all women including your favorite celebrity.

According to Glambot, Celebrities choose Lime Crime 10 to 1 over other makeup collections because it is waterproof and performs well under the camera lighting. They have created a color revolution that is next to none in the industry. There are unlimited ways to mix and match their bold colors to accent your new look or attire.

Fuel your creativity, beginning with your makeup. You now have an alternative to dull, boring makeup colors that will inspire you to be spontaneous. You still have the option of a sophisticated look with colors that go on moist and finish to perfection.

Enjoy radical and delectable colors that include Mint Kisser, Purple Sorbet, and Radical Metallic. L.C. Galore magazine has named their beauty products one of the largest growing cosmetic lines in the industry. Deere admits that her unconventional thinking has her creating new color concepts every quarter. Build your confidence with the simplicity of makeup.

They also offer YouTube tutorials that allows you to streamline your look with creative ways to mix, match, blend, and accessorize their cosmetics. Lime Crime can be purchased through their secure website and be shipped to your door. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details and promotional offers.

The success story of Fabletics

Fabletics is one of the most popular and fastest growing online subscription retailer. It offers premium quality, reasonably priced and stylish sportswear for both male and female market. Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler in 2013 and since the launch, the company has made a strong presence and fan base across the globe. The company operates from its Headquarter in El Segundo, California and it has a worldwide market. In addition to their online retail shop, they also have stores in major prime locations in different cities of USA, and according to a Forbes report, Fabletics is planning to open up 75 to 100 shops within next five years. Since its beginning, Fabletics has become a business of 250 million in just only three years. This is truly an amazing success for a company that competes with retail giant Amazon. But their success is not a gimmick rather a deliberate and intuitive strategy has helped this company to achieve such a huge success in such a short time.



There is a very intuitive strategy that Fabletics has been following from the very beginning, and this strategy is behind their immense success. It was indeed a brave step from Fabletics where they identified the gap in the sportswear market and came up with a different strategy. To promote their brand, they opted for like last-mile service, customer experience, brand recognition, exclusive design and gratification elements rather than focusing on only premium quality products at an high price. So, they have come up with a unique membership model that works on three principles which are Reverse Show-rooming, Intuitive use of Online customer data and a focus on accessibility, people and culture. These are the reasons behind their different membership program, unlike other online retailers.



Their membership is free, and their VIP members receive email notifications at the beginning of the month showing their new collections with a deadline till 5th of the month to buy or skip. If the VIP members chose to skip, they are charged $49.95 which will be converted into lifelong store credits. The monthly offerings are based on the customer preference data captured from the registration forms which is then used to tailor monthly workout and lifestyle choices for each of their members. They have a team of experts who are working around the clock to cater to the ever-changing sportswear market demand for a diversified group of people across the globe.



Rather showrooming their collections to their target market, Fabletics uses a model of reverse showrooming. Thanks to this, the buyers get to know what they will buy even before they enter their stores. Fabletics has been using their online customer data very sophistically. They carefully go through their customer data and use that to stock their physical stores. So, their stores are always full of items that their consumers are looking for. In addition to that, they always focus on accessibility, people, and culture that creates a strong bond with their clients. There are the reasons why Fabletics is so successful and popular.

Don Ressler Further Grows JustFab To Triumph Across Europe

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who is known for running successful businesses and his most popular company is JustFab, which has since inception in 2010 dominated Europe as the most preferred subscription retail. He is a passionate entrepreneur who has built his career across more than 15 years and his dedication has seen several of his businesses rank among the best in the online world. Don Ressler’s background skills are based on computer engineering and internet and he comes out as an individual who has worked on developing the culture of entrepreneurship.

When he started out on his journey, Don Ressler founded FitnessHeaven.com, a company that facilitated the sale of fitness products. The company was a great idea that allowed him to learn the ropes around entrepreneurship and investing online. There were many challenges initially among them marketing and penetrating into an unknown industry that was slowly picking. His focus allowed the company to grow better with each day and in 2001, an idea struck his thoughts that motivated him to sell FitnessHeaven.com. This transaction allowed him to get the needed capital to pursue other ideas.

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While transacting to hand over the company to Intermix Media, he met with Adam Goldenberg, who seemed to have a vision in entrepreneurship similar to his. They decided to merge their effort to build a new company that would help them to pursue their ideas better. This saw the launch of Alena Media, which focused on advertising on behalf of other businesses. This was a unique business that saw the duo achieve success in few years of running.

During a brainstorming session, they came up with a new idea that convinced them they would be at a better position if they sold Alena Media to pursue their next plan. In 2005, they handed over Alena Media to News Corp and in 2008, they launched Intelligent Beauty, which specializes in beauty products.

About JustFab
JustFab is one of the most profitable businesses by Don Ressler and Adam own and when they launched it in 2010, they expected growth due to the uniqueness of the idea. The company operates an online subscription retail that stocks fashion products. To boost the performance of the company, they went for a loan amounting to $33 million that was sourced from Matrix Ventures. This was not enough, so they approached several companies including Rho Ventures that paid JustFab $76 million that helped the company to expand into Germany, Canada and Britain.

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Bruce Levenson’s Legal Wrangle Heads For A Court Battle

Bruce Levenson, the former leader of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium has recently filed papers in a Fulton County court that will begin a court battle with the insurance giant AIG. The case centers on the mutual termination of the contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry, who mutually terminate his contract in the days before Levenson’s consortium sold the historic Atlanta Hawks franchise to a group headed by billionaire Tony Ressler.

Over the course of the last year Bruce Levenson has sought many different ways of resolving the problems the group faces with an insurance claim the consortium made about the end of Ferry’s $18 million six year contract. The attorney’s of Bruce Levenson stated the consortium has spent many months attempting to bring an end to the claim they believe triggered a constructive dismissal claim the group could make over the comments and actions of Ferry int he months preceding the sale of the franchise to Ressler’s group. In response to the legal case the current Hawks ownership stated they were not involved in the issue and would not be taking part in the legal case that revolves around an insurance policy the Levenson headed group holds.

Time Magazine describes Bruce Levenson as a well known figure in the NBA after becoming a major part of the league during his time as the leader of the Hawks franchise; Levenson himself spent time as a member of the NBA Board of Governors and led a number of community based initiatives within the NBA community. The Atlanta Hawks also took part in many aspects of community and charity life under the leadership of Bruce Levenson, including a major role highlighting the work of the U.S. Holocaust Museum when it opened with the aid of funding from the Levenson family in Washington D.C.

SOURCE: brucelevenson.com

Handy raises $50 Million after Rival gets Off from Business

The home-startup company has raised new funds for development. Homejoy, the startup that lets home-owners book cleaning services online, has showdown following their lack of enough capital to run the business. The company was sued for classifying their cleaners as contractors. Homejoy, the startup, was the first startup company to get off from business in this industry.

Homejoy main rival, Handy, said that it had raised over $50 million in new funding from existing investors including Fidelity TPGG Growth, Revolution Growth, Highland Capital, and General Catalyst. The company intends to use the funds to expand to over 28 cities in the country. The company also wants to expand its territories to countries like Canada and the United Kingdom. Oisin Hanrahan, the CEO and co-founder of the enterprise, says that they will double their income over the next three months.

Handy.com also known as Handybook, came into the business in 2012 to provide an avenue for homeowners to book their home-cleaning activities online. They intended to offer the best cleaning experience to customers at the lowest price possible. Handy hires and vets cleaners and handymen. While their clients use their mobile application to schedule their cleaning activities, they dispatch them according to their skills. In 2014, the company acquired Exec. The San Francisco-based company (see, https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york) would be used to expand their services to West Coast. As a matter of fact, the company is facing stiff competition from other enterprises including Amazon.

There are many questions raised about the start-up’s viability. They provide everything from hot meal deliveries to car rides. For as long as the company has existed, they have been around. While expanding their services, the company wants to expand at high speed. They want to meet their customer’s expectations and grab the market shares. While attracting customers, they need to maintain the affordable price. They need to gain customer trust with their homes.

While other companies want to expand successfully like Uber, they continue to raise money to expand their business coverage. Other companies have held up their categories to gain more trust among customers. According to Medium-backed, Homejoy accrued its failure from the lawsuits against them. The company had slow execution capabilities and lack of enough capital. They had difficulties in retaining customers due to poor service delivery. Handy has more than 80 percent of their bookings come from their existing clients. For this reason, Handy has a powerful customer retention capability.


Future Outlook For Evolution of Smooth

The present American economy might not be at it’s best, but there are a few companies turning big profits at the moment. The oral care industry seems to be thriving and the brand that’s making big waves is Evolution of Smooth. This brand is changing the landscape of the lip balm field that was once dominated by Chapstick for many decades. Evolution of Smooth’s success comes from many different variables such as targeted marketing, appeal, and health benefits. As of 2016, (ESO lip balm) has become the second largest selling brand for lip balms.

It’s making such a huge impact on mainstream culture, many celebrities have began endorsing the products by means of public use. Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera have been spotted applying this contemporary product on many occasions and the lip balms have been featured in music videos by Britney Spears. Pop Culture has a firm grip and influence on society as the product has been featured in numerous beauty magazines while been part sponsor to some of pop culture’s biggest acts. Company founder’s stated that they weren’t interested in producing a fad type of product and as they spent most of their time and money in the development process. This development has paid off big time and now Evolution of Smooth has a net worth of $250 Million.

The brand has partnered with many famous businesses/people like Disney and Designer Rachel Roy. These partnerships created limited edition products in the respective fields and generated loads of extra income for the company. Though lip balms are considered a unisex product, female targeted marketing was the route the company went and many of (EOS’s) customers are females between the ages of 25-35 years old. EOS products are available on both luckyvitamin and ULTA online.

With continued growth expected over the next few years, company founders stated that Evolution of Smooth could be a $2 Billion brand by the year 2020.



Strengthening Family Place’s Philanthropic Campaigns

James Dondero, the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P, declared his firm’s support to The Dallas Family Place on 7th October 2016. Dondero affirmed his move to grant the first one million dollars to the organization that helps family violence victims.

The statement was conferred during the 21st Anniversary of the Family Place’s Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon that was held at the Texas Hilton Anatole. He also promised a supplementary sum of 2.8 million dollars for the next six months Legacy Campaign of Family Place.

Family Place is the most comprehensive family violence assistance provider in the whole of the Texas state. The agency operates and endeavors to eradicate family violence by initiating extensive community education, proactive prevention, intervention, as well as assistance and advocacy for domestic violence victims. The agency has completed many counsels and answered various help calls around the country. Learn more about James Dandero: https://www.nexbank.com/james-dondero.htm

The center has equally contributed to transforming family violence perpetrators and helping them understand how to avoid their brutal behavior. The different forms of care rendered at this facility are specifically designed for delivering vital life-saving services to domestic violence victims.

Highland has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas with its offices in Sao Paolo, Singapore, Seoul, and New York. The organization’s distinct client base comprises of high-net-worth individuals, corporations, financial institutions, and other government foundations.

The donations will be issued through Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic arm of the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. The contributions are projected to match proportions of fifty percent of all the funds availed for Family Place’s capital campaigns up to 4th April next year.

During the presentation, Dondero confirmed that the donation was a response of concern from Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Mike Rawlings who was the mayor of Dallas. The Mayor and the Police Boss were all worried of the need for community support to help solve Family violence issues of Dallas. James Dondero also confirmed his fascinations to the way The Family Place had utilized other initial philanthropic channels from its initiation to its crucial stages in just one year. James Dondero showed his pride too in investing alongside one of the most thoughtful and generous community organization.