Slyce Buys SnipSnap and Great New Searching Program Emerges

Slyce is never going to be accused on not furthering its presence in the internet marketing and retail sales world. Recently, the company has acquired the entity SnipSnap. SnipSnap originally served the purpose of helping customers access great digital coupons. Now that SnipSnap is owned by Slyce, a new app called Scout has been developed. Upon reading the press release in the Philadelphia Business Journal that covers this new development, customers interested in great deals are going to be very interested learning more about Scout.

Scout provides a very simple – and very attractive – service. The visual search technology of Slyce is going to be used to find matching merchandise that is available at discounted prices. Those who use the app regularly will find themselves saving, on average, about 50% on purchases.

Slyce is truly banking on Scout to be a success. The Toronto company purchased SnipSnap for roughly $6.5 million. This represents a massive investment in the company. Through combining SnipSnap and Slyce’s technology, Scout reflects the first wide-scale new effort designed to change the way people shop online.

The way Scout works is fairly simple in concept. The technology that makes it possible is, of course, highly sophisticated. Basically, the image recognition program originally developed by Slyce is used to find a particular type of merchandise. The SnipSnap technology aids in locating discounted versions of the matching images. The user does have to answer a few questions in order to be sure the right product is found at the right price. The system is not going to be run solely on artificial intelligence, but the user interaction will be minimal.

Stephan Murphy’s Contribution to CCMP

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private equity firm specializing in growth capital transaction markets. It has gone through several transformations over the years, but has successfully crafted a reputation as a company excelling in sound leveraged buyouts and other private equity investments. CCMP primarily offers its services within consumer/retail, industrial, chemicals/energy and healthcare industries. Much of the firm’s success can be credited to former CEO, Stephan Murray, recently deceased at age 52.

Murray was hired as a credit trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. in 1984, eventually becoming a vice president of middle-market lending, according to a CCMP biography. Murray graduated from Boston College in 1984 with an economic degree before going on to complete his master’s degree in 1989 in business administration from Columbia Business School. In 1989, Murray worked with the leveraged-finance and private equity unit of Manufacturers Hanover. This company became a part of JPMorgan in 2000 merger. In 2005, Murray became head of the bank’s buyout business, before being named as the company’s CEO in 2007. In addition to his work with CCMP he was also a well-known philanthropist, supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New York, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Boston College, where he served as vice-chairman of the board of trustees the Stamford Museum, and Columbia Business School.

In 1984, CCMP was Chemical Venture Partners, which served as the private equity and venture capital arm of Chemical Bank. In 2006, the company was JP Morgan Partners, until the investment personnel of the company parted ways from JPMorgan Chase in July of that year. In 2008, Greg Brenneman was signed on to serve as chairman to CCMP. Chase Manhattan Bank’s acquisition of the company in 1996 turned the name into Chase Capital Partners. CCMP currently employs 50 finance professionals in offices located in London, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

It was only after partnership with JPMorgan Chase that CCMP’s platform expanded through consolidation of private equity organizations including Manufacturers Hanover, Chase Manhattan, Hambrecht & Quist, Robert Fleming & Co., The Beacon Group and J.P. Morgan & Co. It was this new version of the firm that finally adopted the CCMP acronym to represent its previous entities, Chemical and Chase and JP Morgan Partners.
CCMP finished a fundraising round from institutional investors in 2006, acquiring $3.4 billion in commitments. In addition to this funding CCMP sold the lucrative pharmaceutical contract research organisation Medpace to Cinven for around $900 million in 2014.

As of 2015, the firm is still active. Newest news from their sites reports that CCMP affiliates completed the acquisition of a controlling interest in Shoes For Crews, a successful slip-resistant footwear company with a wide customer base including companies in the industrial, healthcare, food service, and hospitality sectors.

How to Recognize a Healthy dog

Recognizing a healthy dog requires an understanding of what a truly healthy dog is. A dog, like a person or any other living thing, may appear healthy but in fact have serious problems. There are some factors that should be considered when trying to determine a dog’s health. Besides her overall behavior, a dog’s health can be determined by other clues as well. Besides the obvious signs of serious illness like vomiting or lack of appetite, a dog’s health may be determined by more subtle signs in behavior, such as energy level, attitude and overall happiness.

If she does not wag her tail or is slow to respond to calls and commands, it could be a sign of either mental or physical poor health. A healthy dog should be full of energy and have a bright eagerness in her eyes. Also, the coat should be shiny and strong with no signs of clumps or loss. A healthy dog will crave companionship and want to be around other dogs and people. Though some dogs are more social than others, all dogs require and show some form of social interaction with others.

If the eating habits are poor, a dog will suffer poor health in the long run. Many signs of poor health in dogs can be attributed to poor nutrition. Improper, inconsistent and poor feeding habits by owners, contribute greatly to a dog’s overall health and happiness. Dogs require the right nutrition in the right amounts on a daily basis. Feeding dogs ‘table food’ or poor quality dog food will have a definite effect on her health. Proper feeding, to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle for our dogs, requires a dedication to providing the highest quality dog food from Beneful on a regular basis. With so many different types of dog foods, all making the same claims to be just what our dogs need, it can be difficult to choose the right food.

The good news is that Beneful brand dog foods provide all the healthy nutrition our dogs need to stay strong and healthy. Beneful is a trusted brand of dog food that has been around for a long time and is proven to be healthy for our dogs.

Impact of Technology Boom on New York Real Estate

Due to the changes in technology including the capital that is injected into the sector, major improvements have been realized in the economy and landscape of NYC luxury real estate and other cities. Technology activity has increased over the years and so has the needs of the technology companies. This has ultimately had an impact on the real estate landscape. According to the original post on Huffington post, Nineteen percent of the leasing activity in the real estate industry can be traced back to the technology companies. The technology companies have driven demand creating competition among the real estate companies. This demand has also lead to an increase in the price per square foot in the real estate market.

Space is an indicator of a company’s culture and as such technology companies are demanding for non-traditional office space which includes open floor plans, loft spaces and exposed brick walls. This has impacted the landscaping too as landlords are transforming their properties to meet these needs. The development of new companies in the cities has also lead to the change in landscape of the city. Technology companies have established their premises in old neighborhoods due to low rents and therefore contributing to the overall development of the areas.

The professionals at the technology companies also require places to reside whether it is in the popular areas or in the neighborhoods. This has contributed to the change in the landscape as well as the demographics of the areas. The landscape of these areas has changed to allow for the set up of complementary businesses as well residential areas. The funding of Technology scenes have therefore had a major impact on the landscaping of NYC luxury real estate and other cities.

Town Residential is a leading firm in the real estate industry that specializes in luxury residential sales, marketing and leasing as well as sales and the leasing of property developments. The company was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger who is its chief executive officer and co-chairman together with Joseph Sitt. The company’s teams of professionals who are equipped with knowledge and experience have contributed greatly towards the new standards of excellence in the real estate industry.

Some of professionals at Town Residential have received individual accolades for their work in the real estate industry. Due to the company’s team of talented professionals, the company has been recognized as one of the best places to work in New York City. Town Residential has several offices that are located in the city’s neighborhood and hence accessible by clients seeking their services.

The Benefit of Beneful

Purina is a food production company that has an interesting specialization: their focus is on the four-footed friends that come through our lives. Dogs and cats know Purina is a premiere brand, and there are a few reasons for that.

One reason Purina is trusted above most other brands is quality. Purina has enough budget behind their work to produce food which has been rigorously formulated and tested in order to ensure it has the proper quality. In fact, in 2013 Purina spent over forty million dollars ensuring its Beneful formula was just right.

Perhaps dogs can’t ask for a food like Beneful by name, or in an English dialect; but there are ways to tell whether this four-footed fun-machine has a preference one way or another. Buy some dog food and give it to the dog. If, when that same food is brought out later, the dog bum’s-rushes the kitchen, slipping over his claws and smacking his face into the tile in his eagerness to get to the food bowl, well it makes sense he likes whatever food you’ve given him. Or her–male vocabulary is used here because it just seems untoward to imagine a female stumbling around and running into things; but female dogs are certainly as clumsy as their male counterparts!

Well, dogs definitely love Purina’s Beneful formula, and there’s a number of reasons for that. One of the most obvious reasons is that Beneful by Purina is just full to bursting with a variety of real ingredients.

There are plenty of chicken “substances” out there. Human beings aren’t the only ones who receive cheap foodstuffs that have been saturated in artificial flavors to hide the fact otherwise the food would be inedible. (I’m looking at you, tofu.) But in contrast, real food just has a…a weight to it that can’t be denied. Beneful by Purina is made from real chicken, real beef, real whatever! There are more than one flavor, you understand. But that’s not all.

Beneful is also preferred because of its taste. Dogs actually prefer the flavor, because forty million dollars was spent ensuring they would! That’s how much Purina cares.

Finally, Purina food products may be number one in the United States, and second worldwide, but that doesn’t mean they break the bank. There are more expensive food options, and less expensive food options. When a customer spends more, at a certain point they’re not obtaining greater quality, but just purchasing a known brand. When a customer shops too cheaply, at a certain point the money they save is abridged by the negative things which result; things like sick doggies with the bubble-guts, and the subsequent messes which can come from those poor puppies. Thankfully, Beneful by Purina, as well as their many other options offers a happy medium between these extremes; giving buyers the most value for the least money, and an option their dogs are sure to love. For good food at a good price, Purina delivers.

Commodity Prices Are Down But Ken Griffin’s Hedge Fund Investments Are Up

China is having a difficult time transitioning from an export based economy to a consumer based economy. There are several reasons why, according to tycoon Ken Griffin, the CEO and founder of the successful hedge fund firm Citadel LLC. Griffin says commodity prices have taken a beating in 2015, and the China economy is having a difficult time because of those falling prices.

Another reason China investors are licking their financial wounds is the economic growth in China is slowing down faster than anyone predicted, and that is creating havoc for countries that depend on China for their export dollars. Even the Chinese have devaluated the government currency by 5 percent to make their exports more attractive, but the devaluation hasn’t helped. Chinese economic growth has helped investors make a lot of money over the last seven years, but it appears that is over, according to Griffin.

One reason Griffin is so tuned into what is happening in China is his investments in other emerging markets. Griffin is known for being secretive when it comes to investing, but most investors know Asia is a big investment area for Citadel. The other area of the world where Griffin has assets is Latin America. The Latin American market is not performing up to expectations this year, according to Mr. Griffin but he says some Latin American assets are doing very well in spite of the Chinese economic debacle and the strong U.S. dollar.

Griffin doesn’t have a crystal ball when it comes to picking investments in emerging markets, but he does have former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke advising him, and Bernanke brings a lot to the investment table. Bernanke developed relationships with foreign finance ministers and other economic minds, and they all share information that is not available to the public. Griffin uses what some call classified financial information when investing, and he usually makes the right choices because of it.

Even though commodity prices are down, Ken Griffin is still making millions a week because of those choices. Mr. Griffin seems to be defying the odds, but that’s not the case. Griffin and Citadel use every available investing tool to make educated decisions. Griffin thinks Latin America could be trouble for investors in 2016, but he also thinks Mexico will produce excellent returns. Griffin thinks Asia has some issues to face, but he also thinks Vietnam and Cambodia real estate investments are solid money makers going forward.

In spite of all the turmoil, Ken Griffin’s hedge fund choices make money. Most hedge managers are being cautious when it comes to investing in 2016, but when there is a sense of caution in the air Griffin has been known to the opposite. That’s why 2016 will be an interesting year for hedge fund managers around the world. Griffin thinks there will be excellent opportunities in 2016 and he’s not holding back. That’s how Griffin rolls. He’s not afraid to lose a little to gain a lot. Mr. Griffin’s track record speaks for itself, so Ken doesn’t have to talk much.


Purina pet is a world leading pet care company and a subsidiary of Nestle Company. It became operational in the year 2001 when Nestlé’s Friskies Petcare subsidiary merged with the newly acquired Ralston Purina on Purina news. Nestle must have seen the need to branch out its operations and identified the pet food sector in a period when pet owners kept increasing. Purina has a passion for pets and has invested heavily in scientific research and development of pet nutrition. The company boasts of a rich profile of expert nutritionists, veterinary officers and food scientists.

Purina spares no cost in producing top quality pet products. Purina products and brands are trusted and recognized worldwide. The pet care company currently dominates the US and UK markets. Among its most popular pet foods include Gog Chow, Beneful, Purina One, Pro Plan as well as litter and treats. Purina’s dedication to the well-being of pets and their owners inspired the establishment of a customer care service for pets. A Purina pet care team is available round the clock to address pet owners’ inquiries and emergencies. The subsidiary also has a pet insurance branch in San Antonio Texas. The insurance plan allows pet owners to safeguard the life of their valued companions after all pets are expensive to adopt and maintain. The company also observes the increasing willingness by pet lovers to spend more time and resources on their pets.

The company has achieved great success in selling Purina branded merchandise for pets. Purina recognizes the power of marketing, especially through social media. They also have an aggressive online marketing strategy including an enormous presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Purina Video advertisements on social media have registered well over 6 million views. One of their outstanding campaigns is a series of videos promoting a new line of dog snacks they call Beggin. The videos are catchy and creative and have been distributed online through social media celebrities hired by Purina.

Purina pet care goes all in on per affairs. They are accustomed to sponsoring outdoor pet events such as Dog shows, swimming competitions, and talent shows. One such event is the recent Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge in Boston that featured a variety of events and awards for winners. They encourage a healthy living lifestyle for both pet owners and pets. For instance, they have sponsored a workout and weight loss program where pet owners and pets participate.

Purina reputation runs on passion, quality, professionalism, client interaction, and care. These values have given the company an edge over competitors when penetrating the market. Purina believes in research and innovation.Their brands keep being redefined and expanding as a result. For instance, they have a Pro plan meal for athletic pets such as dogs that engage in physically demanding sports. Elderly dogs similarly have an individually tailored diet with high concentrations of minerals they need. When launching in new markets, Purina came up with an ingenious formula of blending locally produced flavors into the pet food. This strategy was an instant hit in Brazil.

Ken Griffin: A well rounded businessman

It is difficult to think of the finance business without thinking about Ken Griffin. He has a career path in finance that most would be envious of. He is the leader of the company Citadel. The company is worth at an estimated of 25 billion dollars while Griffin himself reportedly has a network of 6.6 billion dollars in 2015. Anyone that have an interested in finance might have seen his faced more than once in Forbes magazine. It was in the year 2002; he receive his first mention in the magazine, and at that time, he was only worth 650 million dollars. He has also received recognition in the finance publication CFO Magazines as being one of the most influential people in finance.When people think of his company Citadel, they rank it amongst one of the best hedge funds.

During his younger years, he attended the prestigious Harvard. While he was at college, investor begun to take note of a then young Ken Griffin on wsj. Frank C Meyer, who is an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital, was the first person to see what Griffin can achieve. He gave the then young Griffin, 1 million dollars to use to invest. Griffin did so well at the investment that he made Meyer a reported 70 percent on the investment.

It was the year 1990 that Griffin had decided to create his business Citadel. As the years went on and grew, his business began to have over 100 staff members and approximately 1 billion dollars in investment capital.He has created a staff that is dedicated and works vigorously to give their clients the best results.Griffin sees that he have a hard working team, and for that he often reward his staff with cool outings. He would do things like take them to a museum or out for a lunch paid by him. He often does so many great things for his employees that in March of 2015, his company landed on the list of Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services.

Griffin is also a part of many different organizations. Many of these organizations are based out in Chicago. He is a vital part of the Commercial Clun of Chicago and Civic Committee, As well as a member of the G100. The G100 is a group of business people that speaks about what is going on in the global economy.In addition to being a part of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation.Griffin is a man that can appreciate numbers, but he also appreciate art. He loves art, and it was once reported he purchase a piece for half of 100 million dollars. It only makes sense that he is a member of the Board of Trustee for the Art Institue of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as the Whitney of American Art.

He regularly donates money to various charity organizations. It is reported that he have donated over 400 million dollars to numerous different causes. Some of his charitable donations included the Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center and Children’s Memorial Hospital. He certainly is one of the most well-rounded individuals.

How Shaygan Kheradpir Has Impacted Technology and Business

Shaygan Kheradpir has offered massive support to different companies and his contribution to ensuring professionals receive the right treatment has been recognized by many. He believes in offering justice for all and maintaining the right practices in his business. Shaygan Kheradpir has also been offering great advice and guidelines to upcoming entrepreneurs, who would like to beat the increasingly growing rate of competition. He is a well educated professional who believes in the fact that one can easily climb the career ladder if discipline and dedication are involved. All his efforts have been driven towards offering a system that allows for efficiency and to reduce costs while doing business.

Born to a well educated family, Shaygan Kheradpir developed interest in learning about different models of doing business. He has been able to come up with effective plans that have changed how business is conducted in many industries. He always displayed interest for learning even at a tender age and his inquisitive nature allowed him to gain a lot. This has allowed him to get stronger as far as planning and execution is concerned. Shaygan Kheradpir always wanted to become a well educated professional just like his father, who was a doctor.

He joined the Aiglon College in Switzerland for his high school, something that allowed him to appreciate the beauty of meeting up with new individuals and enjoying new cultures. He always emerged victorious and all the projects he handled came out as a success. This is not to mean he is infallible. He has done several mistakes but the good thing about him is that he took every situation as a lesion for his life. Shaygan Kheradpir maintains the fact that for one to succeed, honesty and persistence must prevail. This is something he has maintained and his actions have been a success at different levels.

After completing his high school education at the Aiglon College, he moved on to the U.S., where he joined the Cornell University. This was a chance that would allow him to get in touch with a better opportunity to make a better future. He took electrical engineering, a course that was meant to unlock his potential as a professional business person as well as an expert in the field of technology. He managed to come up with different products that were presented for scrutiny to his tutors and most of his projects were approved and rated excellently. His dedication saw him pursue his degree up to the doctoral level.

Graduating with a doctoral degree from the Cornell University placed him as a prime target by many companies that were looking to create a base of professionals who could help in the execution of different tasks. Shaygan Kheradpir joined GTE, which market his first job. He was placed at the networking section of the company to oversee all networking roles and routing. His good management led to a promotion to work as the chief communications officer. At this level, he was able to automate the system and made job processing easier.

Slyce, the research and recognition market leader

In the field of visual search and image recognition field, Slyce is one of the leading company that has made mobile shopping to be relatively easy. The company’s headquarters are in Toronto and has been successful since it began operations. Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell are the cofounders of Slyce in which the vision they had was of enabling people to make instant purchase of the products they love using the images they take with their smartphones. The company acquired Pounce; a Tel Aviv based company that had already made significant milestones in developing the mobile app that Slyce had begun to accomplish. Pounce had begun to develop an app that was to make use of scanned images and linking them with the product location and price.

Slyce expounded on this technology to come up with the use of camera images to access product and price information through smartphones. Slyce is a visual search platform that allows users to search, identify, and purchase items that they come across through their mobile devices. In order for users to this platform, they have to have access to smartphones, which have become a modern day necessity. Slyce allows users to take pictures with their smartphones and using the picture taken to make purchase. Essentially, Slyce is an app that seeks to make the mobile shopping experience to be a good one through its advanced search mechanism. The advantage that Slyce presents is that it allows retailers to address the purchase needs of consumers at their point of need.

Consumers need not to wait to see the product physically before they make the purchase decision. Potential consumers only take pictures then using the advanced visual recognition technology within smartphones they can obtain the exact products that they desire. Slyce has improved the level of customer and business interaction as it has now limited the use of the conventional mortar and bricks form of retailing. The app allows consumers to buy the products they have seen instantly, as they do not need to make a physical search in order for them to obtain the same. In essence, Slyce is the pioneer in M-commerce related business opportunities and has been able to generate significant revenues for retailers since its inception. The advanced visual technology used by Slyce is quite accurate as it brings images of similar products searched and provides details of the suppliers that have stocked.

The consumer benefits more from this app as this reduces time wastage in terms of finding the products they want to buy through this mobile shopping feature. Slyce factors in the needs of both consumers and retailers and does not favor one divide than the other because these clients benefit differently from the platform. The company seeks to expand in terms of technology and product development through its teams to edge out competition in the event that there is a new market entrant in field.